After a few years of going back and forth, the boys and 5 Boys decided to bite the bullet and journey into the world of Hot Dogs!  John, the owner, had spent 10 million years (it seemed like) in the corporate world, and decided that the adventure he really wanted was to journey to get Spokane the best darn hot dogs and sausages out there!  So that's what he did.  Joining forces with his fantastic wife Marlena, they set journeyed to the mystical land of Moscow Idaho and bought the cart of magic, and found the perfect sausages and hot dogs to serve the population.

In reality, however, John and Marlena started the Hot Dog cart to fulfill their dreams of owning a business and that business being something that people love.  Our name tells the rest of the story.  See, it is really about their 5 boys.  Wanting to succeed and bring something special to the pubic, while showing their 5 boys exactly what it means to take control of their future and make it awesome!

We look forward to bringing all of this hot dog goodness to you.  Get ahold of them on their website, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media you prefer and they'll be happy to help you out too.  Some try us soon and remember #adogaday.


Please check our facebook for our most current location. | 509-944-0133