I have over twenty years in the restaurant business, some of which was in River Park Square, Northtown and in downtown Coeur d'Alene.  When I decided I was ready to retire, I sold everything and decided to stay home and chillax.  Now I'm tired of watching Oprah and Jerry Springer, so I'm ready to move on in my next venture.  I guess once food gets in your system, it just doesn't leave.  We are serving soft serve ice cream, infused with your choice of flavors; Bill's Lemonade, available in huckleberry, raspberry, strawberry and blackberry, and Funnel cake sundaes, with a variety of flavors with ice cream and whip cream.

Thank you for checking in on us and we look forward to serving you. Available for birthday parties, corporate functions and any event you might have.



Please check facebook for our most accurate location | 509.701.1260