Ionic Coffee was born of a science-driven husband and artistic wife’s dream to build something together capitalizing on both our strengths. 

We’ve taken a holistic approach to the creation of the perfect coffee where every step from roasting to finished cup is equally important. We small-batch roast our own specialty coffee beans with a blend of creativity and chemistry creating a truly better tasting coffee and an espresso that’s so smooth it’ll forever positively alter your concept of coffee. We then combined it with cutting edge science and technology and packaged it all up into a full service mobile coffee bar to provide a positively caffeinated experience no matter how or where you take it!

Not only is our coffee top shelf, but we believe in serving the best when it comes to the ‘extras’. In fact, we don’t just offer gourmet syrups and sauces but we’ve raised the bar and developed our own proprietary line of signature flavors. Additionally, we offer Lotus energy drinks and fresh baked goods from the one and only Blissful Whisk bakery. All of this at extremely reasonable and competitive prices to ensure the greatest value for your money. See our current full menu on our website under the Mobile Coffee Bar page!

As a full service coffee bar, our menu is customizable to fit your specific interests and needs whether for a community or company event, special occasion, or just because you’ve become positively addicted and need your next charge! We are available year round, so you can count on us to keep you going! 

We would be honored to be an essential element to your event and remember... coffee is not just a drink, it’s meant to be an experience. Drink Ionic. 


Please check our facebook for our most current location. | 509.939.6605